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Los Angeles Bands – Rockin' Rollercoasters

Los Angeles Bands – Rockin’ Rollercoasters
(50’s & 60’s Band)

Be prepared to rock, dance and sing with the band. Yes, audience participation is encouraged(but for the shy, not mandatory!) You see one of the tightest; high energy groups performing today. Uou’ll rock to the 50’s and 60’s hits. You relive the surf music wave, you may even find Elvis himself!. Be prepared to be awed. This is as authentic of rock and roll as it gets

Martini Latin band

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Electric violinist, Susie, plays fiery Latin Jazz and Salsa, creating music that brings audiences to their feet, dancing in the aisles. Susie and her band have been acclaimed by many critics, such as Phil Elwood from the San Francisco Examiner who describes them this way: “It’s a sizzling, swinging Salsa band. Susie can solo as if her bow was afire. The whole room was jumpin’ for joy.”

This Chicago native is a well-established jazz musician, and has developed a unique and exciting style that features her electric violin as the lead instrument of the ensemble. She has drawn on various forms of jazz and Latin music, integrating her own interpretation of traditional Cuban Charanga, a predecessor of Salsa which often features the violin, utilizing the ever-potent fire of Afro-Cuban rhythms and incorporating the compelling harmonies of straight-ahead jazz. According to Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times, Susie “creates a brand of music that is as physically moving as it is intellectually stimulating”.

According to Oscar Abadia, KLVE-FM, radio K-Love in Los Angeles, “Susie is the greatest Salsa violinist in America.” She has been featured as a soloist with Orquesta Los Van Van, Cuba’s premier dance orchestra, both in Los Angeles and in Havana, Cuba, and with Orquesta Aragon, the world’s most acclaimed Cuban Charanga ensemble. Have a listen!

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