Klezmer band #1


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It’s impossible to miss how much fun the guys in this Klezmer band have when playing. Led by clarinetist, Gustavo, they genuinely enjoy the experience – interacting with the crowd. And their crowds definitely catch on to this passion: little toddlers get up and dance; older Jewish guests are brought back to their youth. And people who have never heard Klezmer, find something that is both new – and perfectly familiar – with this band’s soulful, joyous, and completely danceable, sound.

This Klezmer band represents the new generation of Jewish Soul musicians. With wide-ranging international backgrounds, a youthful vibe, and adding an exciting Latin undertone to their music, they see themselves as torchbearers of an ancient traditional craft that united generations in spirit.

Although Klezmer is commonly associated with our European immigrants, Jews at the turn of the century were settling all parts of the Americas – nowhere more so than Buenos Aries, Argentina. Band leader, Gustavo, was born and raised there – a community that includes 200,000 Jews, the most in any Latin American city. He learned Klezmer music from his family at an early age. And then as he traveled around the globe, he found that Klezmer music is the “soundtrack of the Diaspora.”

Bring the joyous sounds of their music to your event!!

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