Russian International Band

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The Russian International Band delivers when it comes to an event of guests composed of many cultural backgrounds. Their expertise in bringing groups of various backgrounds into one resounding successful party is unsurpassed. They have performed for clients throughout the world, including the daughter of former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin. Let them entertain your guests with cultural music including:

• Russian
• Italian
• French
• Spanish
• Arabic
• Armenian
• Israeli
• Persian

To best introduce our Russian International Band, please enjoy the following excerpt from a piece written about them.

“…Recently, I was invited to an elaborate wedding in a hotel in Century City, where the groom was Israeli whose parents were originally from Jewish-Persian heritage. The bride’s side was from South America-Peru and not Jewish. This was the most unique and exciting wedding I have ever experienced!

Starting with the fact that the Master of Ceremonies, who was also the band leader, singer, musician and D.J., conducted the evening in all four languages of the attending guests, the performance and the delivery of all the cultures was done by one band with resounding authenticity. Whereas in other cross-cultural weddings I have attended in the past, typically the Persian band would play and the Persian guests would dance and for example, when the Mariachi band got on the stage, the Latinos would get up to dance and the Persian guests would sit down. But for this occasion that was certainly not the case: From the introduction of the Bridal Couple (announced in four languages) all the way to the end of the night, which went on way after 1:00 in the morning-on Sunday (!), the entire room was up and dancing non-stop. When the band took a break the bandleader would take over as a DJ/Performer. The energy in the room was not less than at a vivacious concert. You truly could enjoy how people not only had tolerance for each other’s cultures, but also purely enjoyed themselves. Actually, in a couple of incidents the guests really got upset when the caterer asked the band to break for food and the guests refused to leave the dance floor. Besides that, the event that started at 6:00 P.M. was seamless and very cohesive. I particularly enjoyed seeing how all ages were participating whether it was a cultural song or an American Top 40 dance. In this kind of wedding, it seems as though the secret is: BALANCE.”

“…The Band has been invited not only locally or nationally, but has performed in many countries worldwide. Their extensive travel dates include many well-known celebrities such as Larry King, Jane Seymour, and Sherry Lansing but also world figures such as, the daughter of the former Russian President, Boris Yeltsin.”

“…with such a bubbly melting pot of cultures, you need to make sure it is… a delightful experience for all the guests regardless of their background, heritage, age or interfaith attendees.

A couple can begin their lives together with a magical night to remember — a unique and joyous experience for all.”