The Beatles broke up over 50 years ago, but you would never know it from looking at the charts. The group’s music was streamed on Spotify 1.7 billion times in 2019. Forty percent of that comes from ages 30 and above, 30% percent from ages 18 to 24, followed by 25- to 29-year-olds, at 17%. However, none of these listeners ever knew what it was like to witness a Beatles concert; or met a celebrity who was instrumental in bringing the Beatles to the Hollywood Bowl.

“Backstage with the Beatles” offers a huge entertainment value for both Beatles fans and music lovers alike.

The show consists of never heard stories experienced by Bob Eubanks during the Beatles tour in America in the early 60’s; rare video footage, still images, special effects, and merchandise to help embrace what it must have been like to experience the Beatles in concert.

All of Bob’s stories lead into a hit song that best represents the subject discussed; and the time period of when the story took place. For example, why was the song “Scrambled Eggs” changed to “Yesterday?” What unfortunate circumstance inevitably lead Paul McCartney to write the song “Hey Jude?”

Bob has several stories to tell and he is eager to share them with your audience.

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