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The Show

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Clients always ask what size band is most requested? The Show will have your guests on their feet playing everything from classic rock to contemporary dance music.  This band features male and female front vocalists with 2 horns.  Additional instruments and vocalists can be added as well.  This band is great for weddings, corporate, or any celebration.


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The Studio Band brings the talent of musicians from entertainers such as Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin, television, and movies all into one great wedding or corporate band. From standards and swing, R&B, classic rock to pop, the Studio Band will bring the class and elegance that your clients are looking for.

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“My husband and I hired Fifth Avenue Entertainment- Studio Band to perform at our wedding and it was the best decision ever! They played all of the Motown, Soulful, Oldies throughout the night that kept ALL of our guests (from young to old) on their feet, dancing and singing all night. By the time the band finished their last song, all of our guests were still on the dance floor wanting more! My husband and I got compliments on the reception band with our guests telling us that they’ve never had so much fun at a wedding. We couldn’t imagine our day without them!” ~ Andrea Pabon

“I just can’t tell you what a hit the band was at Doran’s wedding! What a talented band of superstars!!! The whole event was truly wonderful and memorable but really, the Studio Band made the evening such a fun and fabulous party!!! The dance floor was packed the whole night, and our choice of musicians was the single biggest compliment I received the entire evening. Everyone, without exception, LOVED THEM!!!!” ~ Talia Katz

“Thank you so much…the band did an awesome job and were the hit of the party. You need to recommend them to all future wedding prospects and we will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone we know!!!” ~ Jenny



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Hand picked from the best talent across Los Angeles, REV is the premiere group in the event industry.  Our musicians have been vetted through the many years of working with Fifth Avenue Entertainment.  REV creates the energy and movement to get guests out of their seat and up on the dance floor.


Fifth Avenue Eagles – Tribute Band

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If you love The Eagles, then welcome to the Fifth Avenue Eagles Tribute Band – you’ve just found the next-best thing.

Marked by lush vocal harmonies and exceptional musical accuracy, every Fifth Avenue Eagles performance delivers a reverence for the beloved, Eagles recordings blended with Fifth Avenue Eagles own live-concert personality.

Call us to schedule the Fifth Avenue Eagles at your upcoming event.


Neil Diamond Tribute Band

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“Excellent show. You have a beautiful voice and you sound so much like my son. You even look like him!”
—Rose Diamond (Neil’s mom, 98 years young!) 

“It blows us away how much you sound like Neil. Amazing”
                                           — two guys from Neil Diamond’s horn section @ JAX Bar & Grill in Glendale

“OMG! You were FANTASTIC! It was like the real Neil Diamond sang at our wedding! Everyone LOVED it!”
                                                                                               –Dave & Anne-Marie, Los Angeles wedding      

“Your Neil Diamond tribute is the best I’ve ever seen. I LOVE the show”    
                              –Andy Singer, frontman for BLASPHEMOUS RUMOURS, Depeche Mode Tribute Band 

“I’ve been booking top-tier entertainers for over 40 years at my various nightclubs, some of the biggest names in the business.  This is the BEST I’ve ever seen! Incredible talent!”
                                                      –Tom Monteleone, owner of Barone’s, Monteleone’s West and others

For many, the songs of Neil Diamond are like the soundtrack of their lives, and NO ONE sings Neil better! No one!
He has the same rich, deep tone that captures the dramatic phrasing in the smoother, introspective passages, the authoritative bark and grit in the more passionate, rocking stages, and he interprets and delivers the lyrics with the same drive and the same yearning…the “feel of Neil”!  

He plays the same type and style of acoustic guitar that identifies each of Neil’s songs so well. AND He looks great in a sequined shirt or jacket! He has a look more reminiscent of Neil Diamond in the late 60’s-early 70’s with the slightly darker, fuller hair style. And he sounds more like the original recordings that we all remember so well from radio and recordings, but he adds a few flourishes and vocal nuances from Neil’s live shows. And the band plays all the key riffs and has all the full dynamics and energy of a much larger band!  
He gets everyone singing along, clapping, laughing, dancing and having fun! It’s a fun trip down “memory road”!
A partial song list includes:
Solitary Man
Holly Holy
Sweet Caroline
I Am I Said
Cherry Cherry
Play Me
Kentucky Woman
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
September Morn
Love On The Rocks
Hello Again Hello
You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
I’m A Believer
You Got To Me
Thank The Lord For The Night Time
Song Sung Blue
Cracklin Rose
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon
…and more!



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Get ready to rock your party with the band Eclipse.  Featuring the talents of 3 lead vocalists, Eclipse  can perform everything from  current hits all the way back to the classic rock era and beyond.  You’ll  even hear those favorites that you haven’t heard in a while.

Eclipse can add horns and percussionists too.  It’s up to you!  Check out their live video here.

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