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Christmas Carolers

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The Fifth Avenue Christmas Carolers bring the joy and spirit of the holidays to your home or company event.  With years of experience singing for private events and television productions, and a repertoire of over 100 holiday songs from classics to contemporary, everyone will be sure to hear some of their seasonal favorites.  Be sure to make the Fifth Avenue Christmas Carolers a part of your next holiday gathering!  


“All I can say is wow!  The Christmas Carolers with their costumes and their incredible voices made our party!!  Thank you so much George.  I would recommend them with the highest 5-star rating.  ~ Lisa and Phil

Klezmer International

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Klezmer International plays your world music favorites to entertain your guests.  Italian, Spanish, Russian, Israeli, French and more!  The band can be augmented with accordion, bass and drums just to name a few.  Give us a call to discuss your ideas.


“Thank you George!  Klezmer International was the perfect choice for our cocktail reception.  With our multicultural mix of guests, the band played something for everyone, including our American friends.  We highly recommend them!  ~ Arpi & Armen

Fire Dancer

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Fire Dancing and Fire Entertainment

If you are looking to add a little heat to your event, you may wish to consider a fire performance. Currently, we offer three types of fire performances – belly dancing with candelabra, candles and fire sword.

Candelabrum / Candelabra: Sometimes referred to as a, “candle tree,” a candelabra is an ornate candlestick holder with multiple appendages. The candelabra (or candelabrum) used is specially created for use in performances, having an attached that fits snugly on the performer’s head. The performer then balances the candelabra on her/his head.

Candles: Performances with candles are also available, in which the dancer may dance with and balance multiple, individual candles thoughout the performance.

Fire Sword: For an extra touch of danger and mystique, the fire sword is a popular choice for some events. The tip of the sword is lit, and the sword is balanced on the dancer’s head, or other parts of the body. The fire sword is only recommended for certain events and can only be performed under certain conditions. The fire sword act, for example, cannot be performed outdoors in cases of high winds. Furthermore, some venues do not allow for fire performances.

For a truly “hot” performance, fire dancing is a guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. However, it is imperative to make sure that adding a fire act to your event is feasible beforehand. Check with your event’s venue, if indoors, or check for weather conditions if outdoors. Also, it is highly recommended that an indoor venue is as large as possible to accomodate a fire performance, and that there is at least a 7 yard distance between the fire entertainer and the audience.

Black Light Dancer

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Among one of the various dance show options available, one of the most mesmerising is the Blacklight Show. As the name suggests, a black light show incorporates use of blacklights, along with UV-body painting, lighted props and props that glow under blacklight.

Blacklight shows are perfect for nightclub-type events, raves or electronic music events, variety shows, cirque-styled events, weddings, corporate events and grand openings.

Blacklight shows require extensive setup, including setup of black lights and the applicaiton of UV body paint (althogether approximately 1 hour and a half).