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Los Angeles Novelty Entertainment – Hypnotist

With over 1500 stage performances, the HYPNOTISM SHOWS blend unusual, tought-provoking demonstrations with the creativity of the audience participants in a light-hearted, humorous manner. Entering Hypnosis is a skill aquired through practice and concentration — one that can be taught rapidlyy in an enormously entertaining and self-esteem-building manner. The dignity and individuality of the participants is respected at all times. No “clucking chickens” or “barking dogs”…When the colunteers can’t reach a stack of REAL $100 bills only a few feet away because they have been “glued to your seats!”, the audience knows they’re watching REAL HYPNOSIS! Togeather, the hypnotist and his audience creat a “cruelty-free” show that amuses, amazes, and inspires everyone with the awesome power of the human mind.