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Los Angeles Novelty Entertainment – Hypnotist

With over 1500 stage performances, the HYPNOTISM SHOWS blend unusual, tought-provoking demonstrations with the creativity of the audience participants in a light-hearted, humorous manner. Entering Hypnosis is a skill aquired through practice and concentration — one that can be taught rapidlyy in an enormously entertaining and self-esteem-building manner. The dignity and individuality of the participants is respected at all times. No “clucking chickens” or “barking dogs”…When the colunteers can’t reach a stack of REAL $100 bills only a few feet away because they have been “glued to your seats!”, the audience knows they’re watching REAL HYPNOSIS! Togeather, the hypnotist and his audience creat a “cruelty-free” show that amuses, amazes, and inspires everyone with the awesome power of the human mind.

Los Angeles Bands – Rockin' Rollercoasters

Los Angeles Bands – Rockin’ Rollercoasters
(50’s & 60’s Band)

Be prepared to rock, dance and sing with the band. Yes, audience participation is encouraged(but for the shy, not mandatory!) You see one of the tightest; high energy groups performing today. Uou’ll rock to the 50’s and 60’s hits. You relive the surf music wave, you may even find Elvis himself!. Be prepared to be awed. This is as authentic of rock and roll as it gets